Sixteen-year-old Chad Compton is in intensive care at the Ventura County Hospital after suffering a head injury while skateboarding up a hill near his Ventura home.

The 2003 NSSA Gold Coast Junior Champion and Rip Curl teamrider was admitted to the Ventura County Intensive Care Unit on April 1 after a freak accident that had him landing full-force on the back of his head. Compton’s friends immediately came to his aid, and an ambulance happened to be right around the corner.

“The impact created severe bleeding right away in his brain,” said Rip Curl’s PJ Connell, “so they rushed him to the hospital, and the doctors had to induce a coma to keep his brain from swelling any further.”

While Compton is still in a coma, doctors are constantly gauging his brain pressure through a bolt in his skull to monitor his condition and Chad’s father Dave knows his son is at least partially aware.

“His dad was telling us he speaks to Chad and he knows Chad can hear him because he can see the pressure of Chad’s brain change,” Connell continued.

As of press time, Compton is still in Intensive Care and friends and family are still waiting to let out a sigh of relief. Connell encourages well-wishers to check the Rip Curl website,, for updates and information on Compton.

“Everyone at Rip Curl is in support of Chad,” said Connell. “We got flowers and cards going to him, so if anybody could stop a couple of minutes of the day and make sure your thoughts and prayers are with him and help him pull through because he’s an outstanding person.” Daniel Ikaika Ito