Surf: Two to three feet again, light onshores
Events Held: Five heats of Round Three
Nature’s Call: This really ain’t the good ol’ days
Predicted: Small swell increase by Wednesday/Thursday
Oh my God, this is a tough contest. The Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach hit the last day of its first week today, and got to the fifth heat of round three. For the casual follower of this wacky sport, it means of the past seven days, a little more than two have been spent competing.In the process, a certain tension seems to have developed between event organizers and the top 44 surfer representatives, who’re tasked with deciding the day’s surfability (or otherwise). Basically, it runs like this: the surfers want killer waves, the organizers want to get going.Today was a classic example. A forecast flat day started way better than expected, with clean 3 to 4-foot Bowl waves, but a start was delayed until 9 am while surfer reps held off to check the swell’s consistency.

Five hot, erratic heats were held. Mick Fanning and Kalani Robb further developed their form against Fabio Gouveia and Paulo Moura, setting up a round four clash that’ll rock the planet — if round four ever happens. Damien Hobgood and Guilherme Herdy used the distinct advantage of a strong backside snap to outwit Luke Hitchings and a painfully frustrated Taj Burrow. Kelly Slater held a wave-choice edge over Nathan Hedge. Then, with a rising tide affecting the central Bells Bowl section, the event was put back on hold.