Dear Friends:

First off … Thank you to all of you who sent their kind words, prayers, cards, flowers and gifts to Chad. They were much appreciated.

It has been a long 22 days. Days filled with worry, anguish, sorrow, joy, rejoicing and victory. It has been 22 days of miracles ranging from ones of the grandest scale, all the way down to minor miracles, that when they occur, you smile and say…. “Can you believe what just happened?”

Now on this 22nd day, Chad is home. He has beaten the odds and won. We believe in all of our heart, this is due to the fact that thousands of you who took a stand with us in prayer. In a day of war, fear and global unrest, it is encouraging that miracles can still happen and they can happen right here in our own backyard.

Now that Chad is home, the hard work begins, as he will have to undergo outpatient treatment for physical therapy for sometime. This therapy which will focus on his cognitive skills that will ensure he can return to competitive surfing in the near future. All of his balance and coordination skills are still are still intact. He is also sporting a new Kelly Slater style shaved head. With diligent therapy and Chad’s strong will, he could be back in the water by the first winter swell. However, only time will tell now.

The last 22 days have taught our family many things, one stands out the most. This is, without “HOPE” we are all lost. Thanks to all of you who never lost hope, as miracles still do happen.


David, Darlene and the “Comeback Kid”