"Remember those who rode these waves before us- our ancestors. And be thankful for the waves before us today." It didn't take the words spoken during the opening ceremony of the Rip Curl China Wahine Classic for event regulars to notice a distinct difference in this year's event. After several years of flat, disappointing surf, Waikiki's most visited break served up a solid southern hemi on June 11-12 that had Queens resembling a prime 3-foot day at Velzyland.

Then again, the Rip Curl China Wahine Classic isn't your every day, conventional event. Girls from every island in the chain gather on the shore of Queens to battle it out within 16 divisions! Females ranging from the 10 and under mini-wahines to the 50 and over "BATTLE of DA KAPUNAS" competed in the {{{200}}}+ girl event, all for the sake of fun. "We try to make sure everybody has fun and a good time," said event founder and Hawaiian legend China Uemera. "We give the best prizes to the last three places in the final, so everyone is happy."

Even though the vibe and mood of the event was mellow and filled with the Aloha spirit, this didn't slow down the girls from destroying the lined up walls pumping through Queens. As expected, the undeniable talent pool budding in Kauai made their presence felt as they filled up all six slots in the heavily contested age 14-17 shortboard final. Honors went to 15-year old phenom and Rip Curl team rider Alana Blanchard. The natural footer dominated the lined up walls of Queens from start to finish and sealed the victory in the final just in front of best friend Bethany Hamilton. Hamilton also showcased a great performance, as she used her powerful backside attack to light up the Waikiki racetracks en route a runner-up finish.

Once again, the China Classic lived up to its reputation of being one of the only contests that focuses on the fun and welfare of our female surfers. Like in years past, this event aims to support and aid the sexually abused, as all proceeds go to the Kapiolani Medial Center for Women and Children.

After two days of perfect weather, live performances from China's award winning musicians (including American Idol Finalist Jasmine Trials), and a head high south swell, serving a greater cause couldn't have been more filled with the Aloha spirit.

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