2005 Quiksilver California Cup Ventura Series


Ventura's Double-Header Wins Makes it Anyone's Game

Ventura started their homestand down and out – 0 –3 on the year and basically out of the title race. Now, after a win over San Diego and a double-header sweep of Los Angeles and Orange County, they are 3-3 and right back in the thick of it. (SD, OC and SC all have two losses on the year.) In the morning, VC destroyed an LA squad, missing Alex Grey and Bron Huessenstamm, by a ridiculous 31 points. The Arc Angels were so far behind that Ventura didn't even need to surf the bottom of the 4th Quarter in order to win. Dane Reynolds, Nathaniel Curran and Keith Malloy were again standouts and Timmy Curran posted a massive 9.75 – highest score of the season – in the 4th Quarter, which further served notice that VC is now indeed a force to be reckoned with.

In the afternoon match Orange County was in trouble from the start as they were down Timmy Reyes and Chris Ward (both at Teahupo'o). The Octopus, however, got off to a solid start with Shaun Ward finding a lined up wall in the bay for a 7.5. Brett Simpson fell on a crazy aerial going Mach 10 – had he made it he could've gotten a 9 or 10 – and the team went on to post s solid, if unspectacular 23.5 for the Quarter. VC fired back in the bottom of the 1st with Dane Reynolds throwing down a perfect 360 air reverse on the outside section for an 8.75 and Keith Malloy finding a tiny, defenseless wall to obliterate for a 6.75. Nick Rosza and Tyler Anderson, however, weren't able to get decent scores amidst the crumble and the Pelicanos found themselves down by a point at the horn.

In the 2nd Quarter Pat O'Connell paddled into the biggest wave of the day, a waist-high right, and went to town. Score: 9.25. But like Ventura, the OC couldn't find much of anything to back up O'Connell's score and were only at 45 at the end of the top of the 2nd. Despite being in home waters, Ventura looked lost in their next go out. Hank Mills and Nathaniel Curran both missed set waves with high scoring potential and Timmy Curran's best ride was a 7.0, which would have been a good score for anyone else but him. VC found themselves down 45.25 to 43.75 when they should have been up by 5 or 6.

In the 2nd half, wave conditions that were already dismal took a turn for the worse. The May gloom and strong Northwest winds rolled in and the rising tide made the small weak surf even smaller and weaker. Shaun Ward and Brett Simpson were again standouts in the top of the 3rd, finding ways to slide and glide over 18" bumps. VC, led by Dane Reynolds' 7.0, tried to keep pace but slipped further back behind OC and blew two time outs in the process. But the Octopus couldn't close the deal in the top of the 4th as no one could manage more than a 6.25 in the wind chilled mushballs and Ventura now needed only 21 points to win. The situation looked dicey at first as the ocean continued to stay flat. With six minutes to go, however, a magical set appeared and Adam Virs and Timmy Curran rode waves that sealed the Pelicano victory. After the final horn, Timmy jumped in his car and made a beeline for LAX in order to catch a night flight to Tahiti. On the plane he'll definitely take satisfaction in his pivotal role in raising his team from the dead.

Final Score Game 2
VC : 98.75
LA : 67.75

Game 3
VC: 89.75
OC: 85.25