Hawaiian pro Jason Bogle has proven his bravery all over the world, mastering the biggest barrels at the most renowned surf spots. He might not be the biggest surfer in the lineup, but anyone who surfs big Pipeline knows Jason charges as hard as the best. But now, after recently finding out he has a form of cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma, he’s going to have to charge like he never has before.For a year now, Jason has been fighting pain in his back. At first, it never seemed like a big deal because Jason has always been dinged up from surfing. He saw a few different doctors, but none of them pinpointed the problem. In early April, the pain intensified and Jason got fed up. He left Hawaii to be with his mom in California and try to find someone — anyone — who could tell him what was wrong with him. Finally, in May, they found their culprit. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare bone cancer where — in many cases — the cause is unknown. For Jason, the cancer developed in his hip but is at a high risk of spreading rapidly. Because the cancer was detected late, Jason will need special treatment from the best. He is slated to undergo surgery and chemotherapy at the University of Stanford.The only problem is, like most pro surfers, Jason has no {{{insurance}}}. Jason always had the ability to rely on himself without the aid of others, only this time we should all be friend and get this humble, determined North Shore charger back in the lineup.To help, send your donations to: Friends of Jason Bogle Cancer Fund; 919 Suset Drive; Costa Mesa, CA 92627 or contact Conan Hayes at conanh@aol.com. — Peter Miller