Hawaii’s Summer surf season officially kicked off this past weekend with the Local Motion Surf Into Summer Contest, presented by DAKINE. Over 350 male and female competitors, aged 8 to 50, competed in the small, clean lefts at Ala Moana Bowl. As Hawaii’s largest amateur contest, top competitors from Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai battled it out for recognition as the state’s best surfers. Conditions remained consistent throughout the weekend with knee to shoulder high sets (head high for the Menehunes), steady offshore trade winds , and warm sunny skies. A very low tide each morning provided shallow & hollow, but smaller conditions, with the rising tide in the afternoon providing a bit more push to the swell for the later heats. Finals in thirteen different divisions were held on Monday, with some heats receiving plenty of sets while others left the competitors starved for waves. Overall, small waves and parking hassles failed to dampen the spirits of the large Memorial Day crowd who came out to enjoy the sun and surfing action with family and friends. Big mahalos go out to our sponsors DAKINE and SURFING magazine; as well as Wendal Aioki and his HASA crew for a fair, well run contest; China Uemura for keeping things secure and feeding all the Keiki; Surfer’s Cafe for the ono grinds, and The Hawaii Water Patrol keeping the water safe. Aloha!FINAL RESULTSShortboard
Menehune: 1, Ezekiel Lau. 2, John John Florence. 3, John Quizon. 4, Kaimana Jaquias. 5, Ha’a Aikau. 6, Matthew Costa.
Boys: 1, Alex Smith. 2, Kekoa Cazimero. 3, Clay Marzo. 4, Derek Wong. 5, Tonino Benson. 6, Taylor Cook.
Junior men: 1, Robert Wurlitzer. 2, Jensen Hassett. 3, Reis Harney. 4, Torrey Meister. 5, Zachary Fonoimoana. 6, Dusty Payne.
Men: 1, Jared Clapper. 2, Kolea Fukumitsu. 3, Alika Loughren. 4, Gregg Nakamura. 5, Ira Masaki. 6, Clinton Catian.
Masters: 1, Hoptong Smith. 2, Richard Jaquias. 3, Rodney Medeiros. 4, Matt Kenny. 5, Richard Tom. 6, Toka Kudo.
Senior men: 1, Makani McDonald. 2, Stephen Lawrence. 3, Aaron Napoleon. 4, Keith Kajioka. 5, Kal Faurot. 6, Marocio Morales.
Girls: 1, Lani Hunter. 2, Leilani Gryde. 3, Marissa Eveland. 4, Coco Ho. 5, Michelle Watkins. 6, Alana Blanchard.
Women: 1, Yvette Bertelmann. 2, Mio Uemura. 3, Keiko Ishii. 4, Kelli Frye. 5, Rachel Thomas. 6, Jenny Kono.Bodyboarding
17 & younger: 1, Jonah Romero. 2, Reis Yonehiro. 3, MacKenzie Yoshida. 4, Colin Black. 5, Jensen Young-Sik.
18 & older: 1, Kepa Kruse. 2, Paul Benco. 3, Jed Kutaka. 4, Leo Gomes. 5, Jason Oh. 6, Joseph Hosea.
Women: 1, Amy Lawson. 2, Joy Magelssen. 3, Kristen Magelssen. 4, Tara Coleman-Rillmas. 5, Koral McCarthy. 6, Megan Godinez.
Men 25 & younger: 1, Venton Siliado. 2, Ben Kealoha Jr. 3, Keoki Saguibo. 4, Kaleo Cajigal. 5, Jordan Hart. 6, Ned Snow.
Men 26 & older: 1, Scot Wilson. 2, Toru Yamaguchi. 3, Herb Pruse. 4, Edwin Nakazato. 5, Gavin Young. 6, Wil Yamamoto.
Contest photos on Chuns Reef: