The ads for a television show on the 20th {{{Century}}} {{{Fox}}} website proclaims, “Come for the sun, stay for the heat.” Sounds like the tag for another cheesy soap opera, right? But then there’s the title, “North Shore.” Now here’s something designed to grab the attention of any aficionado of over the top {{{80}}}’s surf cinema. For the true believer this must mean the long awaited return of Rick Kane to da rock, right? After bombing out of art school in New York and a stint in rehab, the Kanester’s been tearing it up at the old ‘Zona wavepool, readying for a showdown at Pipe with arch-nemesis, Lance Burkhart. But when Rick arrives in Haleiwa no one will talk to him, not even former friend Chandler or Turtle. (They’re now corporate honchos for a thriving surf company that doesn’t sponsor anyone born before 1987.) Rick finds out that Lance is still firmly established as the resident alpha male and has even married Rick’s old flame, local hottie Keani. If Rick thought that dealing with the locals enforcers was tough before, wait till he bumps into Lance and Keani’s kids.

If this scenario sounds like a nightmare come to life, don’t worry because it’s not to be. Fox’s new nighttime drama “North Shore” premiering or June 14th has nothing to due with the movie. It’s actually a frothy “Melrose Place” type drama about sex and intrigue amongst the employees and guests of an exclusive hotel called the “Grand Waimea.” The cast features “Baywatch” veterans Brooke Burns and Jason Momoa along with a 19 year-old Canadian, Corey Sevier, who plays an aspiring pro surfer. Sevier, being tutored in the water by safety legend Brian Keaulana, is keen to do his best to look like a surfer. “I want to make the character as realistic as possible,” says Sevier. “I’m learning the right way to carry the board and put on the leash.”

Keaulana, stunt coordinator for the show, says he is impressed by Sevier’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. Despite Sevier’s limited surfing experience, Keaulana has already introduced him to tow-ins and foil boarding. Although the show isn’t based around wave riding, the action in the water should still be worth watching because Fox has hired an A-list crew including Don King, Chris Malloy, Jamie {{{Sterling}}} and Mark Healey.

Two other new shows, “Hawaii” and “Lost,” are also set in the islands. Matty Liu, an experienced surfer turned actor, has landed a recurring role as a drug dealer on the cop drama “Hawaii.” In 2002, Liu turned his back on showbiz after years of frustration in the Hollywood trenches and moved to back to Hawaii. Ironically, he now finds himself more in demand than ever as an actor due to the explosion of surfing related entertainment projects being filmed there. Jamie Tierney