Surf: Head-high, reeling rights, inconsistent, but when they came; enough to make any grommet howl like a wolf in the pale moonlight. Events held: Open men’s and boy’s round one.Nature’s call: I’m over you grommets. Where’s my bro Fur Dog?Predicted: Grommets give nature the finger, ripping and tearing every wave in sight.Heat of the Day: Hawaiian brahdahs John-John Florence and Hizson Lin-Kee cut up a catch of the cleanest waves today. Around 4pm, the high-tide push flips the switch and pretty soon it’s a non-stop wave bonanza. John busts through the lip on one inside speed sweep reminiscent of a young Buttons, if only he’d had long, beautiful blond hair. Hizson, a kid who cuts his teeth on cane sweet “cave” section of Honolua Bay, Maui, back-foot stomps a few side bowl wedges like a rabid rhino. And both should only improve if some new south hits.Performer of the Day: “Dude, that dude’s annihilation!” says one sun burnt kid to another. The ride is much like the beloved S.F.L.B. hairstyle, in that it’s equal parts business and party. For the business it is two psycho snaps out the back. And for the party, a four-foot frontside air. Defending open men’s champ Pat Gudauskas is “no nerves, just amped” — he’s a raving loon, ’cause after the air he throws three more hits and then a sprayback bash to end show. And this is just round one.

Competitive Highlight: Seasoned competitor TJ Barron paddles out dry haired and directly into a nugget, thirty seconds into the heat, and proceeds to power carve to the cobbles displaying a classic mix of Curren finesse with Sunny power punch. Keeping a rhythm like that will be just what he needs to stop Pat G’S crazy flair. Shockers: Coming off his first pro win, everyone was expecting big things from Florida’s Adam Wickwire, but all they got was a big flop. Standing on his board he looks like the consummate pro, with even, low stance while still not too much like a squatting troll. He looks like he should win events like these. But bad wave selection will do a lot to change that.Stay tuned for: Cali boys Nick Rozsa and Killian Garland in the open men’s. Both these kids were about half a tail waft off of the day’s illest acts. Quotable: “Dude, I’m not even kidding; I’m a fan. He’s twenty percent better than any of these guys. He’s a modern day Sunny”— Oakley team man Dino Andino on TJ Barron — Hagan Kelley