Surf: 3- to 6-foot and good, with long rights and steeper, shorter lefts.
Events Held: {{{Explorer}}} Menehune Quarters; Explorer Men Round 1 and Quarters; Explorer Juniors Quarters and Semis; and Explorer Women Quarters.
Nature’s Call: Wise man say, “Patience will be rewarded with bombing rights.”
Predicted: Lets stack those heats!

Heat of the Day: Great performances abounded in the sizable surf, but it was the Explorer Juniors Semi #1 that really stood out. In the most stacked heat of the day, Dane Reynolds, Nathan Carroll, TJ Barron, Pat Gudauskas, Dylan Graves and Dustin Cuizon took to the Lowers peak with fury. The tension in the water must have been unbearable as the entire heat consisted of shorter, medium-sized waves. Pat Gudauskas showed up with an arsenal of super-torqued cutbacks and tail-free snaps that only a local surfer could have put together in the sectiony walls. 2nd placer, Dane Reynolds stroked into one of the lengthier set waves and spanked the poor wave until it lapped up on shore over {{{100}}} yards later. While an almost unassuming Dustin Cuizon surfed with an uncharacteristic reserve that barely let him slide into third place.

Performer of the Day: Pat Gudauskas. The local boy was feeling it today. 180 double-grab aerials, spine twisting cutbacks and exploding lip bangers earned him some of the highest heat scores of the day, including a 9.5. The showdown between Pat and Dane Reynolds is setting up to be the story of the contest.

Shocker: At a wave historically wrought with controversial and disappointing results, today’s great surf had the best of the best all take their proper place. According to NSSA Director Janice Aragon, “It’s just the story of the surf, the great conditions really make the performers shine through.”

Quotable: “That first wave was sick — so fast, that turn sooo sick, the whole thing sickening!” — Explorer Men’s competitor Jaime Meistrell feeling a little ‘sick’ after watching Andrew Gahan win his Quaterfinal heat. Mike Howrigan

RESULTSExplorer Juniors
Semi One
1. Pat Gudauskas SE
2. Dane Reynolds SE
3. Dustin Cuizon HI
4. TJ Barron HI
5. Dylan Graves SE 6. Nathan Carroll HI

Semi Two
1. Brian Toth SE
2. Kekoa Balcaso HI
3. Gavin Gillette HI
4. Jeremy Johnston SE/N
5. Nick Ro
6.Brian Toth SE