SURF: 4ft, glassy. No lefts. Unseasonably sunny winter weather.
EVENTS HELD: Two heats of the VZ trials, and heats 1-11 of the main event.
NATURE’S CALL: It wasn’t nature, it was contest director Mike Parsons who made the call. A good one at that. At sunset yesterday afternoon, Supertubes was a sedate 2-3ft. Buoyweather, which was predicting a 4-6ft swell at 12 seconds, proved to be spot on. Snips called for a 7am rendezvous, and sure enough the surf was there this morning. FORECASTEven more surprises.


“I just had a naatmare, bru!” Sean Holmes is spewing in his inimitable thick southern cape accent. The giant-slayer from last year, the man who knocked out the world number and two in successive heats, was gone.

{{{Eight}}} wildcards had a shot at four places in the main event. Four internationals versus four South Africans. Holmes, the hometown favorite, placed a lack-luster third in heat one, behind Ozzie speedster Bede Durbidge and the rapier-like backhand attack of Durban youngster Warwick Wright.

It was a double bogey for Holmes. At 4am in the morning, Mick Campbell had SMSed the ASP to say his ankle injury was still playing up and was withdrawing from the contest, opening up a fifth slot in the main event. Highest of the third placed losers would replace Campbell. Holmes, who racked up 9s and 10s with ease last year, and is usually devastating at Supers, could only muster a 7.5 heat total. Adrian Buchan (who lost to SA’s top surfer Greg Emslie and determined Portuguese carver Tiago Pires in trials heat 2) sneaked into the main event courtesy of Mr Campbell.


While Supers generally suits the thickset, chunkier surfers – the Occy’s and Lukes of the surfing world — it was nimble-footed Australian Taj Burrow who threw his board into, under and over every curve the Parking Lot section could offer. Burrow’s attack was nothing short of destructive, lighting the place up with a series of critical and blazingly fast snaps. His trademark air, a challenging move at a spot that throws up very few boost sections, garnered him a near perfect 9.{{{57}}} for his fourth ride - the highest heat and wave score of the day.