“It’s been hell at times, and things got testy, but hopefully the team will speak for itself.”

So says Surfing America’s Executive Director, Mike Gerard, as he unveils the list of 31 surfers selected to represent America — the first US team since Surfing America became the official governing body for surfing in the United States. After taking the reigns in April of this year, the organization has faced what Gerard calls “a monumental and historic process” in developing a program that selects the best from the ESA, NSSA and TGSA, putting together two full national contests — the American Surfing Championships and the Surfing America USA championships — to field a team in just three and half months. Of course, rush jobs can get confusing, even the competitors were perplexed on occasion, but it does appear that they’ve gleaned the best surfers since America won ISA gold back in 1996. We’ll find out how the youth divisions fare at the 2005 World Juniors in Tahiti. In the meantime, here’s a look at who made it through hell to make the cut.

Dane Gudauskas, California
{{{Morgan}}} Faulkner, Texas
Patrick Gudauskas, California
Kaimi Hui Hui, Hawaii
Jeremy Johnston, Florida
Charlie Guss, South Carolina

Bethany Hamilton, Hawaii
Kelly Nicely, North Carolina
Colleen Mehlberg, California
Courtney Conologue, California
Alex Gray, California
Dylan Graves, Puerto Rico
Dane Ward, California
Eddie Guilbeau, Florida
Nick Rozsa, California
Ben Graeff, New Jersey
Tanner Gudauskas, California
Blake Jones, Florida
Travis Beckmann, Florida
Matt Mohagen, California
Eric Geiselman, Florida
Marty Weinstein, California

Connie Arias, Florida
Lauren Sweeney, California
Erica Hosseni, California
Karina Petroni, Florida
Alana Blanchard, Hawaii
Christa Alves, Florida
Christian Wach, California
Tony Silvagni, North Carolina
Troy Mothershead, California

Chris Welpman, California
Tim Hoste, New Jersey
Devon Ricke, Florida

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