Hoping to see another world champion named Hobgood? Then you better put your money on Damien.

On Monday morning, {{{CJ}}} Hobgood entered the notorious Surfercross event, a two-day contest mixing motocross with wave riding, and ended up paying the price by breaking his foot in two places.

At press time, CJ was still too medicated to speak, but according to the rumor mill, the accident itself was “nothing big” – no triple jumps, no can-cans, no triple lindys — CJ simply fell over during what’s being called “a pretty routine jump”. (Keep in mind, this is the same rumor mill that first reported he’d broken his ankle in three separate places.) While doctors are waiting for the swelling to subside before giving a concrete prognosis, they foresee Hobgood being out of the water for two to six months. But the good news is, according to manager Mitch Varnes, he will fully recover and even his WCT rating won’t be too badly beaten. “The best case scenario he’ll surf France, the worst it’s Brazil,” says Varnes. ” But he’ll still be solid for making WCT next year.” Matt Walker