2nd Annual Etnies Goofy vs. Regular Foot at Windansea

Like the timeless rivalry between cat and dog in the animal kingdom, goofy and regular foots have also had a long-standing beef throughout surf culture. Yet, when the sun started its descent into the Pacific on Saturday Aug. 21, the right facers victoriously toasted their frosty Budweiser cans for temporarily defeating the left facers at the 2nd Annual Etnies Goofy vs. Regular Foot at Windansea.

Created by La Jolla locals Adam Warren, Brandon Lillard and Micah Anderson, this contest pits goofy against regular footer in a format similar to Brad Gerlach’s game.”There are two teams with 21 surfers, each surfer surfs two heats with five other teammates in the water,” explains Windansea Surf Club Sergeant At Arms and co-contest founder Adam Warren. ”At the end of the day all the scores are added up for a total point score and the three highest scores on the team surfs a super heat against the three highest scores of the other team.”

Both teams were hand picked by Warren and his crew with the intention of including a wide variety of contestants.Therefore groms like Sebi Beccera and JT Zvetina were thrown together with pros like Taylor Knox and Eli Mirandon with the intention of keeping things casual.”The teams were pretty big so we tried to stack both teams with a few old guys, a few ringers and a bunch of kids so it wouldn’t be too cutthroat,” says Warren. ”Because if it was all pros then you wouldn’t be able to drink some beer than go surf a heat.”

Although there were ringers in the event, the MVP awards went to La Jolla locals Nico Beccera for the regular footers and Mickey Minor for the goofies. The MVP’s and the rest of the contestants were awarded with merch from Etnies, Quiksilver, Nixon, Destination Surf and Budweiser.

But free stuff wasn’t the main reason for the affair according to Windansea Surf Club’s Sergeant at Arms.”The contest is for fun, but we do it through the Windansea Surf Club to help raise some money for them because they do a lot of good events in the community and for kids,” clarifies Warren. ”But mostly just for fun and to drink beer.”Daniel IkaikaIto