Cameron Diaz saw her career nearly pearl when an errant surfboard tagged her in the face and broke her golden shnozz. Diaz, who was recently named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actress in Hollywood, was tackling the frothy mushburgers at Waikiki on August 30th (her birthday) when the accident took place. Although her tuberiding scene in this summer’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was created entirely with Lisa Andersen and the wizardry of CGI, Diaz is a newly converted surfer.

The collision that caused the injury to the star’s proboscis occurred when Diaz wiped out on a wave and resurfaced to find someone’s board shooting toward her. Fortunately, she was only struck by a BZ foamie and her nose suffered no permanent damage. Had she been hit by one of those red fiberglass tourist rental tankers, her mug, which earned her 42 million dollars last year, might suffered more serious damage. After the incident, Diaz said her Gidget days are over. “I’m fine,” she told The Associated Press. “But I’m just totally bummed out because I can’t go surfing anymore.” She may not have proven she can walk the walk, but at least she can talk the talk. — Jamie Tierney