The summer of 2004 has been the worst, flattest, most dismal and generally the crappiest summer for waves that California has ever seen (well, at least as far as anyone can remember anyway). Up here in Santa Cruz, even the most dedicated surfers have given up the hunt. You’re more likely to make a pro surfer sighting at DeLaveaga City {{{Golf}}} Course or Wilder Ranch bike trails that you are at The Lane or Pleasure Point. It’s been so bad, so boring in fact, that something HAD to be done!What, you ask? The unthinkable!On Wednesday night the calls went out. “Meet down at (undisclosed beach) at 7am tomorrow, we’re having a contest.” “What are you talking about, it’s flat, it’s not even rideable” was the general response. But, as dedicated (read bored) as the pro surfers in town are, 16 of the areas finest made the trek. A somber crew they were. Barney, Loya, Skindog, Corey and Russell Smith made it from the West (Best) Side. Pete, Adam, Bud and Homer made it from the East Side. Even Tyler {{{Fox}}} and Brian Shelton made it from the South Side. Groms Matt Rat and Austin Smith-Form found their way. Even Big Daddy Ruffo set his alarm. “So, what are we here for?” asked the ever so chipper Loya. “I gave up a T-Time at Passy for this (referencing the 1Ft dribble)?””Welcome to the 1FT Wingfest!” was the reply. 2 PWC’s were uncovered and the action began. For 2 rounds of 5 minute heats the ocean came alive. The crowd (the surfers) went ballistic with every wave. Hacks, hucks, Jerry Twirls and even a Triple Lindy were attempted and accomplished with finesse and grandeur. For just a moment, the flat spell was nothing but a memory. Back at the Aloha Grill that afternoon the boys reconvened, and thanks to the multitalented Pete Garaway, a video presentation of the days highlights was made. After many ooh’s, ahhh’s and of course a few heckles, the results were in. Best air went to Matt Rat for a big ol’ front-side 3. Using all his weight (and talent), biggest hack went to Bud Freitas. And to no one’s surprise, after 15 waves, 4 airs and countless combos, best performance went to Adam Replogle. Special thanks go out to the fine folks at Billabong and Santa Cruz Surfboards. Because of their generosity, each winner walked away with ${{{100}}} bucks and a skateboard. Let’s not forget to thank Bert’s Union 76 Station and Aloha Grill for their gas and grinds. — Alistair Craft