Spencer Regan is a driven young man. Quite literally that is, in every sense of the meaning.
The NSSA talent laden surfer/scholar is on the road with the Surf Across America clan chasing waves over every saltwater nook and cranny of America's three coastlines, all the while drumming up support for his father's inspiring vision of Camp Makua, a place on the island of Molokai where quality time can be spent with children in an effort to promote and strengthen nurturing parental relationships.

I came across them in July, at a spot even a little further up the road from Greg Noll's northernmost California stomping grounds, where I'd had the thick ledgy peak of a rock reef right alone for days. Coming across the scraggy dunes in the late evening for a stroll and to check on my little break, lo and behold the spot was infiltrated with wildly whooping groms busting airs and enjoying the 52 degree walls. I was thrilled.

Phil Regan stood on the beach with a video camera and a grin on his face that defied categorizing. It was there I learned of his dream to build Camp Makua, and also the very reasons why he felt the call to embark on such a serious endeavor. Regan was bounced from home to home as a child after being removed from the care of a violently abusive alcoholic father, and he finally ended up in Santa Barbara at a school for emotionally ravaged children.

Like many of us who stumble our way into surfing and a life centered around the sea, Regan found it the catalyst for healing his wounds and getting on with the business of living with what had occurred, while moving forward in a beautiful and poignant manner. Three decades of surfing to be specific.

Abuse takes many disgusting forms, and when you couple this knowledge with the alarming fact that every nine minutes a child goes fatherless, we can begin to comprehend the painful line where things go from barrels to closeouts.

The family loaded up the {{{Suburban}}} in Southern California surfing all the way up to the coast of Washington state. Then they plowed through sessions in the Gulf of Mexico, over to Florida (where they passed me surfing again!), and are now making their way up the Atlantic seaboard in a journey which will be completed in New York in the early fall. Among the highlights have been chasing and scoring Hurricane Charley and hanging out with friends like former world champ Shaun Tomson, who has given quite a bit of support to the project as well.Camp Makua will be an all inclusive resort catering specifically towards fathers and their children allowing them to build deep bonds all the while participating in weeklong activity programs and living in island style bungalows with family meals served up daily. All donations go towards free scholarships for kids who are unable to make the financial commitment to travel to Hawaii. Big industry hitters such as Quiksilver and Hurley, among many others have stepped up to the plate to help make Makua become a reality.

You can find out more about the camp and how to make a difference yourself, as well as enjoy pictures of legendary surfers Tom Curren and Buzzy Kerbox both proudly posing for hugs with their boys in a graceful nod of approval for Regan's mission at: here
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