Surf: 2-3 and building. It is filling in, brahdahs. Man your posts. Events held: Men’s round one.Nature’s call: Shut up and surf.Predicted: Sick round two ripping by the young guns, Jamie O’ Brien and Dane Reynolds.There’s a war going on. I once read that on a t-shirt or something, I don’t know, but it just seems good as any other way to start a contest report. These ultra competitive men battle and wage war upon one another wherever waves do show. Andy Irons, Kelly Slater — are they not men of exquisite merit on and off the sea? Yes, they are the leaders of our dreams, banking and burning and flying free. And they’re in California again for fame and money and nothing but a good time. We think. But this is what we saw today:1.OCCY! OCCY! ROCKY! Come on down to Lowers and watch OCCY. Dig yourself from your Humboldt tree house to come witness someone truly organic. Did you know, last year, OCCY had, like, two dreads? Yeah, and today he was full on. He’s on a couple new Mayhems, not at once, of course, but you know, he’s just too good to be true. He’s the best thing to ever happen to the Boost Mobile Pro of Surf. His surfing is very androgynous. Moving on water, no surfer, male or female, has prettier hands or hips — or a more artful layback snap. Yes, he did one today. Yet he lost. Bah, contests. 2.But for contests’ good name: Kelly Slater. The old ace was up at it again, dishing great vertical, float-climbs on the lefthanders and a tail-drop rock ala Curren Op Pro circa ’89 (sorry Richie). Oh, and the cup of his jubilation was also probably full, as his boy Andy Irons had had a molten, meltdown shocker heat. We’ll be sure to tell you if he’s there tomorrow, when Andy has his Loser’s Round battle with Dane Reynolds. Strategy, Dane? “Pppss (sigh) I…don’t know…just surf? I know they like airs,” he said, looking off with sarcasm. Dane’s radical on lip snaps, but he’s going too front heavy on his carves — like he’s trying too hard. Nevertheless, slick Aussie Richard Lovett smoked both him and champ Andy in the heat today.

3.Yep, Lovett had his first ‘CT win here last year, so we shan’t count him out. Also, Joel Parkinson. There is no disease in this kid’s gig. Add him with the OCC. I’m a FAN. He’s Curren with wild, air kicking legs. But he lost, too. One wave he did a fronthand lip slide to mute grab recovery — love those — into an unhindered bottom boost sent blasting to frontside Ollie air. All for like a 6.7! But you can’t rate those with numbers anyway. “And that’s why I’m off the tour,” was overheard Rob Machado, event wildcard, who’d actually be blitzed by Slates not long after. Whatever, this stuff is still all fun. The system’s flawed, but it’s getting better. There’s a war going on. Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, {{{CJ}}} Hobgood (lost too) and plenty more all want to be the best. Bruce Irons and Jamie O’ Brien, two of the best at Pipeline, still want to prove themselves. Got to be well rounded. So tune in. It’s the real thing.— Hagan KelleyBoost Mobile Pro Round One Heats (1st>Rnd3; 2nd, 3rd>Rnd2)
{{{H1}}}: Greg Emslie (ZAF) 15.5; Michael Lowe (AUS) 9.9; Chris Davidson (AUS) 2.54
{{{H2}}}: Cory Lopez (USA) 14.3; Taj Burrow (AUS) 10.89; Bruce Irons (HAW) 9.25
{{{H3}}}: Jake Paterson (AUS) 15.26; Victor Ribas (BRA) 14.33; Raoni Monteiro (BRA)10.93
H4: Nathan Hedge (AUS) 13.16; Peterson Rosa (BRA) 13.04; Shane Beschen (USA)10.08
H5: Luke Hitchings (AUS) 14.{{{57}}}; Guilherme Herdy (BRA) 12.74; Mark Occhilupo(AUS) 11.17
H6: Damien Hobgood (USA) 16.77; Eric Rebiere (FRA) 13.23; Phillip MacDonald(AUS) 12.1
H7: Armando Daltro (BRA) 15.9; Joel Parkinson (AUS) 14.64; Kalani Robb (HAW)11.66
H8: Richard Lovett (AUS) 16.43; Dane Reynolds (USA) 15.96; Andy Irons (HAW) 7.83
H9: Kelly Slater (USA) 17.5; Rob Machado (USA) 13.2; Paulo Moura (BRA) 12.43
H10: Pat O’Connell (USA) 16.43; Jamie O’Brien (HAW) 15.67; CJ Hobgood (USA) 11.4
H11: Dean Morrison (AUS) 15.37; Tim Curran (USA) 14.17; Beau Emerton (AUS) 9.6
H12: Marcelo Nunes (BRA) 16.6; Neco Padaratz (BRA) 15.87; Luke Egan (AUS) 13.4
H13: Michael Campbell (AUS) 12.43; Taylor Knox (USA) 12.06; Toby Martin (AUS)11.87
H14: Trent Munro (AUS) 19.0; Daniel Wills (AUS) 14.27; Nathan Webster (AUS)10.07
H15: Tom Whitaker (AUS) 14.73; Lee Winkler (AUS) 12.5; Kieren Perrow (AUS) 7.67
H16: Troy Brooks (AUS) 15.5; Darren O’Rafferty (AUS) 14.2; Sunny Garcia (HAW)8.93