What do the world’s most stylish surfer, a Canadian rapper and a Tiger Woods lookalike have in common? Well, they all believe in a good cause, which means they were all swinging away at this week’s Rob Machado Par 3 Experience, held at the Lomas {{{Santa Fe}}} Executive {{{Golf}}} Course.

As the epilogue to the Rob Machado Classic weekend at Cardiff, the tournament is simply another way for Machado to give back to the surfing community. “It was a great day,” he said. “Don’t know exactly how much we raised yet, but it was a lot more than last year. I see this thing getting bigger and bigger as the years go on.”

Along with donations to Boarding for Breast Cancer, Life Rolls On and Surfrider, Machado is earmarking a good amount of the proceeds for a more personal cause: music. “We’re doing it in conjunction with VH1’s Save the Music, which is an effort to get the music programs back in elementary schools,” said Machado. “And we can make sure that all the money goes to San Diego-area schools.”

Of course, all this do-gooding can’t happen without some good fun. And Rob made sure there was plenty of it at the Par 3 Experience. Heavy consumption of Foster’s was encouraged during play, which helped with wacky holes like the “Hand Wedge,” the “Switch Hitter” or the “Luck of the Draw.” Canadian rapper/skater/jack of all jokes Rene Rene and Benji Weatherley roamed the course like golfing Good Samaritans, sinking birdies and eagles upon any struggling team’s request. MC Peter King — also part of the winning Hurley team — kept the mealtime one-liners rolling. And you can’t beat an event where Tiger’s long, lost twin is on cue for photo ops.As Rob says, “When you can give back and have a good laugh at the same time, you know you’re doing the right thing.”