Surf: 2-foot slop
Events held: Cappuccino and wine drinking contests
Nature’s call: There’s always the bright side
Predicted: Amazing surfing, or else more skilled leisureAh, so the storm has not left, but maybe it’s a good thing. You see, last night was a big one for quite a few of the world’s finest wave-slicing boys and girls. Quiksilver, being the title sponsor to this big league event, has made sure there’s good entertainment at every stop. And here in Hossegor, the nighttime talk-of-the-town would not be Kelly Slater, but a mullet-wearing one-man-band from Torquay called Xavier Rudd. And since his sound feels very much like a good day of surf, it was one very well received. Set up under tarp, protected from the elements at Hossegor’s popular Seaside Pub, {{{200}}}-plus eyes all pointed forward at a lean stage with five various guitars, three didgeridoos, and assorted drums, waiting for a singer or band or who knew what; or just their chance for a good time. When he finally did come, when all were stuffed with exquisitely free food — pretty Basque country treats made of oysters and tomatoes and other savory things — and enough red to cancel the next few rounds of competition, what he did was alarmingly fine.

From that first note onward, the groups around the room began to disband. You see, these surfers have so close a sense for detail that many peak at a state of being obsessed, they know when something has heart and soul. They look at their boards that way, they look at themselves that way, so they could appreciate what they heard at this: yet another world tour promotional event. The music went late into the night, this Xavier character who kept time with his feet while singing and shouting of places only imagined in this world. Surely a good thing for all of these so acquainted with the pleasures of their own.— Hagan Kelley