Are You Kidding Me?

Tapas, Red Wine, rippable waves and Debauchery kick off day one of the Nixon Surf Challenge

Wild in the cobblestone streets of San Sebastian. It's night number one of the Nixon Surf Challenge and we should have seen this coming. What started as Tapas night at a quaint, smoky Euro bar older than our country has turned into crashing bikes and broken glass. Dance club techno and flashing lights. A morning of hazy retrospectives and rail digs. A tough first morning of surfing for Mike Gleason, Ricky Whitlock and Cheyne Magnussen who already went down first round. But lucky for them this contest is Spanish style: first heat call is at 12 p.m. and it's double elimination so no wimping out at the nightly parties they have planned for everyone. It's pretty Euro but so are we now.

We've been full blast since we got here. Barrels, bars dancing and wine. It's been a series of "E-S-T's." "B-EST night ever." Funni-EST people ever. Sick-EST waves ever." We're knocking on wood hourly and having way too much fun. Following a few days of getting barreled up and down the beaches of Hossegor, we've now caravanned down to San Sebastian, Spain for the Nixon Surf Challenge. And as crazy as it may seem, things keep getting better. We're now in the most beautiful city in Europe with only one itinerary: have the greatest time of your life.

You see the goal of the Nixon Surf Challenge isn't to win the contest. If you're here, you already won. Salud! Because here, everyone's job is to have as much fun as one person possibly can in 3 days. You're surrounded by elaborate cathedrals and ancient buildings that cascade down cliffs and overlook the ocean where some of the most beautiful girls in the world lay naked and smiling while you surf rippable backdropped beachbreak. It's a bit overwhelming.

And what's really got us pinching ourselves is that upon arrival to the contest site you're told to bring your best hangover because the contest chef Woody will be there in the tent, where he has set up and entire mobile kitchen, cranking out breakfast burritos for everyone. It's everything you want in a beach day, a contest, or a life for that matter. Amazing people. Good food. Fun waves. Tons of laughs. And naked European women. It's paradise city, Eden and heaven on earth. A debauchery wonderland we're calling home for the next 3 days. Stay tuned because tonight we're off to the aquarium for wine and fish tanks. Followed by the European premiere of Sunny Abberton's flick Bra Boys and some after movie dancing. Contest call is set for 12. We'll see you for breakfast.

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