Just Stretching Out a Bit: 2007 National Championships – Day 1

Conditions: 1-3 foot grom gold.
Heats Held: We're just Exploring a bit
Nature's Call: I think I got a little something for the groms. You like sunshine, too?
Predictions: Record breaking crossover double interferences.

It sorta felt like the first day of school. Everyone's got new gear. There's smiling hellos and high fives. Clean boards with fresh sprays. New haircuts and shiny, colorful wetties. (Like Andy says, " Every year you gotta have a whole new vibe," kids) And that's what the groms are doing. New vibes for '07. I mean this thing is webcast this year for the final three days, they better step it up. Even Lowers was looking rejuvenated this morning tossing up 3-foot quarter-pipes for everyone to get loose on. All the heavies were showing up, too. Defending champ Kekoa Cazimero's back and definitely has that big man on campus thing going on. Granger Larsen's here, stylish as ever. Brother's getting, as he puts it, "frothed up" for his heats. Ezekiel Lau's here hoping it's his year to get some hair on his head (Zeke can't grow his hair out until he wins a National title). Andrew Doheny was lurking around under a hoodie all morning. And Dillion Perillo was holding it down for the 'Bu.

And while everyone's still just getting comfortable, trying new boards, saying hello and what not, there are still some heats going down.
And whether it was a case of early round over psyche or the pesky 3-foot Lowers peak with 6 "frothy" groms on it, one heat managed to post 7 interference calls. Easy tigers. It's gonna be a long week if we keep that up. And for Kauai heavy hitter Alex Smith it was nearly a complete shocker during an early round of {{{Explorer}}} Juniors. Alex had a heat go about as bad as one possibly could. "I started off by breaking my fin on my first wave," Smith explained. "Then I got an interference and had to play catch up with a broken fin all heat. Somehow I still pulled through, though. I guess things can only get better."

Speaking of shockers. Granger Larsen had a bit of one as well when he walked into SURFING Magazine's darkroom––a digital set up where you can grab shots of your heats all week long, printed up right there on the beach––to grab his shots, "Oh man my board looks weird. I don't know about that thing." He said of his purple and aqua polka dotted airbrush. We'll see if he keeps the purple theme going after seeing that thing. And While he may not be too psyched on his board colors, his surfing is dead on. He was carefully caressing peaks all day with his seamless style. But like I said, everyone's still just getting warmed up. Tomorrow's a big day. Open Mens round one…taking up most of the day. That's when the tears and tempers begin to flare. And after today's triangle renaissance, things could get ugly.