2007 NSSA Nationals – Day 4

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Conditions:In between J-Bay and Waikiki...you're welcome (3-4 ft, inconsistent).
Heats Held: Quarters in the trunk, semis and finals are within whacking distance.
Natures Call: It was just one of those days, when I wanted to catch sunrays.
Predictions: More boys will be crying than girls.

Groms with more bleached blonde hair than a Poison concert, and more painted white faces than a Kiss show rocked Lowers today like it was nobody's business. These youngsters have lost all respect for society, vandalizing public waves right and left and with no remorse whatsoever. The size of these kids makes you think they should be lawn ornaments, not ripping harder than you ever did in your prime. I suppose it will mean big things for the future of surfing but for now I'm going to continue my resentment.

The morning heats began like a leisurely stroll in the park until some wide-eyed offspring pulled the walker from underneath the onlookers and began their tirade on the Pacific. Granger Larsen continued his reign over his compadres in the Boys division without even breaking a bracket on his braces, at least until the quarters. Perennial junior ripper, John-John Florence racked up a hefty score cranking right down the line with some sick spankings to the lip, safely securing himself a spot in the Junior Division semis. The neon colored shaved-ice, gorgeous grom goddesses, and 3-foot glassy peaks will definitely have these adolescents raring to go for tomorrow's final heats.

But the talk of the day was filled with estrogen. The ladies side was scoring a majority of the consistent sets and unquestionably putting them to good use. Carissa Moore might need to do a little summer cleaning to make room for another trophy, but if sweet sixteener Sage Erickson can stay consistent through her powerful slashes, Saturday will make for one hell of a battle. Ironically one of the biggest stories of the day came from a lack of action. With nearly no swell to be had and time ticking down in the first heat of the Open Junior Competition, the boys decided they would make a pact and not catch a single wave. For the first time in NSSA competition not a single wave was ridden and no scores were posted. The hoots and hollers as the boys coasted in were slightly overshadowed by the occasional outbursts from the ringers playing poker like it was 6 a.m. on the Vegas strip. After a good scolding, the boys were given a once in lifetime opportunity to re surf the heat at the end of the day.

The Men's division saw heavy hitters fall to a lack of consistency in sets, Granger Larsen and Andrew Doheny both fell victim to the tides. Reigning champ Kekoa Cazimero went down but Rincon local Cory Arrambide stole the show in the waning minutes of his semifinal heat with some sick front-side boosts. So to conclude, the stage is set, the sparkling cider is chilled and the finals are packed with talent, all anxiously waiting the sweet taste of victory for dessert.