2007 Nssa Nationals: Day 2

Conditions: Just hittin' the mini-ramp
Events Held: Pandora's box has been opened: Open Mens and Open Womens is underway.
Nature's Call: Greasy smooth waves and crispy sun burns for everyone
Predictions: Live Webcasts, poker, surfing, Ping Pong, bronzing: it's all deadly

If the WCT is a circus, then NSSA Nationals is the sideshow. Complete with mini-pup tent and webcast, which starts today, right now actually, so log on, and see what we've been talking about. These kids friggin' rip. With freakish talent littering the lineup at Lowers, heat after heat produced shwack after shwack. Hot dogs were plentiful too, both in the water and on the beach as groms gobbled down dodger dogs and chugged Redbulls before proceeding to thrash the chest high peelers at Lowers.

To start things off, Open Mens paved the way for a highly competitive day as dudes paddled right at one another, not willing to give up anything. On a day like today, when the sets are there, but inconsistent, it's this kind of strategy that has best friends turning into sworn enemies in the water. The usual suspects performed well too, guys like Cory Arrambide, who has been absolutely killing it lately. Let's not forget the Hawaiians either, keep an eye on both Kekoa Cazimero and Kai Barger, both were shining today with powerful, calculated turns. East coasters were frothing on the small conditions, taking advantage of the situation was Floridian Blake Jones who probably still has all eyes on him from that outrageous flip he pulled last year. You never know when he's going to bust another one. Oh and don't forget about the Northeast, Jersey boy Zach Humphreys, who squeaked through his heat representing the dirty Jerz with his powerful attack.

Not everyone was frothing though. One disgruntled grom sat in the Surfing Magazine "darkroom" hunched over a shot of himself ripping a tail slide playing coulda-shoulda with himself. "I'm super bummed I didn't get through," he said. Meanwhile to the left of the tent an amping wahine received direction from her coach, "Remember, you have to just go straight up on those ones," he said pointing to a liquid ramp. "Try not to go straight into floaters all the time." See you gotta mix it up boys and girls. The judges want to see some variety. So listen to your coach.

Oh, and if you're a bookie, don't hesitate to throw all your money down on title number 10 for Carissa, as long as she doesn't get "Kelly" syndrome she'll be right. But she's not the only girl shredding this year. Bethany Hamilton was determined in her heat, nabbing more than her share of Lowers lefts. Afterwards, Bethany kept it simple with a smile, "I made it through, so I'm happy." And with fellow Kauai girls Malia Manuel and Alana Blanchard duking it out alongside California's Sage Erickson and Courtney Conlogue, this could be one of the closest Nationals for the women in a long, long time. But only time will tell. And guess what? You can see it all for yourself at Surfingmagazine.com. Watch the webcast brought to you by SURFING and Nike 6.0. Like right now...you're already here. Stay awhile.