Billabong Pro Mundaka NOT Cancelled

In late February, SURFING received word from a reliable, inside source that Mundaka wasn't just in jeapordy, it was definitely, absolutely canceled. While we could not get the ASP or Billabong to comment on it at the time, we felt the source was credible enough to beat everyone to the punch and let the world know that Spain's famous-but-fickle left would not be on the roster this year. We also printed a similar version of the story in our June 08 issue, due to hit newsstands next week.

Well, turns out we got a bit ahead of ourselves, as Mundaka is, indeed, staying on the schedule this year. Billabong confirmed it. The ASP confirmed it. And our reliable inside source? Well, he can't confirm or deny that he ever told us it was canceled in the first place. So, in short, we blew it. And we apologize to everyone - especially the community in Mundaka — who this may have alarmed or inconvenienced. We love Mundaka, too. And we're glad it's still alive. Now if only it had extreme low tides all day long....

[Stay tuned for more updates from the ASP and, yes, Mundaka, on You can believe us next time. We swear.]