"Let's go surf!" It's one of our favorite things to hear, and on Friday June 20th we encourage you to run the streets shouting it. With the past success of International Surfing Day (ISD), we feel the Holiday has the potential to really blast off this year. Come on groms, if we go big enough maybe we can get this thing observed and get you out of school. Regardless, there is no friendlier way to kick off the summer than by letting our beaches know we love and appreciate them by having a shred, maybe tack on a little beach cleaning, a cold cerveza and a good sunset reverie for a full cosmic solstice experience.

Last year, with the help of The Surfrider Foundation, there was an estimated 12 miles of beach cleaned and 2,500 pounds of trash collected across the U.S. alone. One of the sickest free concerts Japan's ever seen thrown by there equivalent to Jack Johnson: Micro. And, thanks to Will Tant, thousands less cigarette buts in the sand in Oceanside. And while, as is the case with most holidays, there's no exact method to this madness, we just want to encourage you to get wet. The point is just to get people out to the beach, either to make it more beautiful or to enjoy its beauty. This year we're encouraging you to go big. So send us pictures and your stories of how you spent ISD and you just might be featured in our October Green issue. Check out the micro site for beach cleanups and ways to participate at www.SurfingTheMag.com/ISD

The Best in International SURFING Day

1. Best Concert: Japanese Secret Concert with Micro: Micro, formerly of the band Def Tech, was a surfer before a rock star and last year he put on a show at Oppa-la. Normaly his shows consist of 10,000 people, but this intimate gathering of surfers was special and went off, making it the best surprise concert for ISD to date.

2. The Best Art shot: Jon Steele's art approach: Leave it to the artists to come up with the most creative (and kinda weird) ISD photo ever. With small waves all over Southern California, photog John Steele rallied supergrom Kalani David, surf/artist/musician/hipster Alex Knost, Warren Smith and Katherine Clark to create the ultimate beach scene.

3. Most creative: Will Tant's Butts: Pro surfer Will Tant and photographer Brian Nevins went to Oceanside Pier and for five hours picked up strictly cigarette butts and bagged over 5,000. "It took five hours to fill an entire trash bag," said Tant. "And the ones with the lipstick still on them were the nastiest."

4. The Best Surf: "La Jolla" in mainland Mexico. On June 21, 2006 , the waves at this remote point break were the best anyone on the WCT had seen, and is still the reason we all love Mexico.

5. Most Powerful ISD: Shaun Tomson's flat day paddle out for his son. "Losing a child goes against the natural order of life and leaves a deep gash in the heart, a feeling of despair and insurmountable grief, like an endless set of waves stretching out to the horizon with no channel and no way to paddle back out. I hadn't had the courage to go back to my local break since the death of my son Mathew and had no desire to ride a wave again. The essence of surfing to me is being stoked and I'd lost it. On International Surfing Day I forced myself to paddle back out, all alone. I sat there in a flat summertime lineup, just me and thoughts of my son and through the kelp bed a little swell rippled. I swung around, paddled, stood up and got the message, "Dad, it's OK to be stoked again."

6. Most Influential: Visiting the Terminator in Sacramento- In 2005, 30 die hard surfers spend ISD {{{100}}} miles inland to beg Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger to stop the Trestles toll road project. Although they didn't expect to meet the governor, they were granted an "unscheduled" afternoon visit, where they presented the letter and a "Save San Onofre" longboard offering more than 1,000 signatures. In the end 38 legislators's signed the letter.