Meet The 2008 WCT

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That is all she wrote folks. The season is finished, the fix is in, and our qualifiers for the 2008 ASP World Tour have been finalized. It has been a hard-fought battle for our campaigners and congratulations to those who have realized their dreams. Condolences to those who came so close yet haven't broken down that barrier just yet. Good luck to everyone in 2008. There are more points available, more events on tour than ever before so we hope everyone is resting well over the holiday season as it will be game on come January.


ASP World Tour Top 27
Fanning, Mick (AUS)
Burrow, Taj (AUS)
Slater, Kelly (USA)
Parkinson, Joel (AUS)
Durbidge, Bede (AUS)
Irons, Andy (HAW)
Sullivan, Pancho (HAW)
Flores, Jeremy (FRA)
Martinez, Bobby (USA)
Hobgood, C.J. (USA)
Otton, Kai (AUS)
Whitaker, Tom (AUS)
Morrison, Dean (AUS)
Knox, Taylor (USA)
Hobgood, Damien (USA)
Stedman, Luke (AUS)
Ward, Chris (USA)
Campbell, Michael (AUS)
Dornelles, Rodrigo (BRA)
Buchan, Adrian (AUS)
Padaratz, Neco (BRA)
Neves, Leonardo (BRA)
Patacchia, Fredrick (HAW)
Basnett, Ricky (ZAF)
Irons, Bruce(HAW)
Wills, Daniel (AUS)
Bryson, Royden (ZAF)

Requalifying for the ASP World Tour via ASP WQS
Souza,Adriano de (BRA)
Neve, Dayyan (AUS)
Munro, Luke (AUS)

ASP WQS Top 15 (12 as 3 requalifying from ASP World Tour)
Smith, Jordy pictured above (ZAF)
Reynolds, Dane (USA)
Thompson, Jay (AUS)
Pires, Tiago (PRT)
Aranburu, Aritz (EUK)
Bourgeois, Ben (USA)
Khodr, Jihad (BRA)
Perrow, Kieren (AUS)
Powers, Roy (HAW)
Alves, Heitor (BRA)
Picon, Mikael (FRA)
Ross, Daniel (AUS)

ASP Wildcards for 2008
Reyes, Tim (USA)
Logie, Travis (ZAF)
Dunn, Ben (AUS)


ASP Women's World Tour Top 10
Gilmore, Stephanie (AUS)
Mulanovich, Sofia (PER)
Lima, Silvana (BRA)
Cornish, Samantha (AUS)
Beachley, Layne (AUS)
Donohoe, Amee (AUS)
Hedges, Chelsea (AUS)
Miley-Dyer, Jessi (AUS)
Woods, Rebecca (AUS)
Bartels, Melanie (HAW)

ASP WQS Top 6 Qualifiers
Silva, Jacqueline (BRA)
Abubo, Megan (HAW)
Redman Carr, Melanie (AUS)
Petroni, Karina (USA)
Brooke, Serena (AUS)
Atherton, Nicola (AUS)

ASP Wildcard for 2008