2012 Baby Cobras: Young Winners

Introducing Baby Cobras

Since the first round there were revisions. Wild cards. Some truly gorgeous submissions in all three mediums of creative expression. Here in the office we examined every entry and chose our sides. There was a small civil war. Fist fights and raised voices. We made up and then made some tough calls and decided that the winners of the 2012 Baby Cobras contest were:

Essay: Garret English
Photography: Carlos Santana See news about winner change
Film: Matt Payne

Congratulations, gentlemen! You will be flown out to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, to create content in your respective fields. Content that will be published in print and online for SURFING Magazine. Consider your feet in the door -- but make sure you take your slippers off before entering one in Hawaii. (Just take our word for it.) All other contestants, thank you very much for your entries; you'll get another shot next year in the 2013 Baby Cobras event