2012 NSSA Nationals Webcast and Brackets

Dax McGill
Dax McGill has already collected the Explorer Girl’s crown. Can she double down and win Open Womens? Photo: Jimmicane

The NSSA National Championships is happening in Huntington Beach -- right now. Yesterday, John Mel just won Explorer Menahunes, Zeke Lau won Explorer Mens and Tatiana Weston-Webb became the Explorer Womens champ. And they'll just keep crowning champs until Tuesday, July 3, so you might as well try and make it down to the south-side of Huntington Beach Pier and observe some fine amateur surfing action.

Can't make it?

That's OK, too. The webcast will be broadcasting for the final days of the event, July 2 and July 3, complete with live action, interviews and surfer bios. And since we love to make interesting things even more so, we've created the "Bracket Packet," an NCAA-inspired bracket to decide who will emerge victorious in the Open Mens and Womens divisions.

Want in? You'll need to download, print, and fill out the bracket with how you predict the divisions will unfold. Once you've finished that, either scan and send the file back to us at surfing@sorc.com or turn it in with your hands to the NSSA tent on the beach before the beginning of each division (Saturday for Womens, Sunday for Mens). We'll collect them and, after the champs are crowned, find the most accurate packet. The winner will receive a prize pack from Nike, which includes a pair of the Nike Legacy Boardshorts.

So fill out the bracket, go to the beach (or watch from your computer), and hopefully you'll win something. And if you don't, some hungry NSSA kids definitely will. They've already begun.

Download: NSSA Bracket Packet