2013 Follow The Light Awards

All photos and story by SURFING Magazine Photo Editor Peter Taras

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The evening of July 23rd marked the 8th annual Follow The Light Awards in Memory of Larry “Flame” Moore. Larry was Photo Editor for Surfing Magazine for over 30 years, until he tragically passed away from brain cancer in 2005. It was a great night remembering the wonderful life of Larry. Stories were told, beers were drank and old friends reconnected. It brought a crowd consisting of some of the world’s best surf photographers including Zak Noyle, Todd Glaser, Corey Wilson, Morgan Maassen and Jerimiah Klien. The night was hosted by Aaron Chang, who questioned the five finalist about the what, why and how in their photography. Each finalist impressively showed zero stage fright. At the end of the night, the Follow The Light grant was given to Trevor Moran for best his overall slideshow. It seems like each year the slideshows get better and better as this award cements its reputation for being the best thing that could happen to an aspiring surf photographer.

Here’s how I judged the five finalists. How would you judge them? To view the finalists’ portfolios, click here.

1: Trevor Moran: Best overall photography. Took the most risk with looks and vision. Most well rounded portfolio of work.

2. Seth de Roulet: A very, very close second. Best slideshow production.

3. Domenic Mosquiera: Best water shots out of all the finalists.

4: Mark McInnis: Strongest lineup photography.

5: Paul Green: Great usage of light. At 17-years-old, making the top 5 is pretty amazing.