Footnotes: 2013 Oakley Pro Bali Day 1

All photos: Jimmicane


Day 1 at Keramas met everyone's expectations with a firm handshake and an air-reverse. Jordy manhandled. Filipe twirled. John John broke the world. Enough proper airs were landed to produce a video that would put the best flick of 2005 in a deep, dark shame dungeon. Watching the world's best surfers live at one of the world's most high-performance waves is the greatest story ever told, and while Heats on Demand is quite the narrator, you might be too easily distracted by that damn echo. So here are a few side notes — humble observations — from before and during the event.

Josh Kerr: During the morning freesurf, this gentleman did not fall. While everyone else was searching for their feet, Kerrzy was hotter than that damned black sand under an equatorial sun. A tweaked stalefish air-reverse on one wave. Big ol' full rotation alley-oop on the next. Only a fool would think Kerrzy won't obliterate his Round 2 heat.

Gabriel Medina: Gabriel looked as focused a Chinese ping-pong champion on Day 1. Laser sharp turns in the water, laser beam eyes on the beach. Quintessential Gabe. And while he did seem a bit tone deaf in his heat, never able to truly find a rhythm, odds are rather favorable that he'll rebound in Round 2.

John John Florence: John John was the polar opposite of Gabriel during the morning freesurf. John sat about 10 yards away from the pack at Keramas, going left and hucking backside full roters onto nearly dry reef while his peers battled for pulses of the incoming swell. John took that relaxed attitude and dizzy rotation over to the right for his heat and the result was preposterous. The crowd was literally distraught after that alley-oop, an ecstatic mix of excitement, confusion and panic. People were too freaked out to even clap. I mean, how can you prepare for such a thing?

Willian Cardoso: Big Bill found himself in a quite a pickle during the Balinese opening ceremony, during which the entire tour sported traditional garb . Like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, Bill was burdened with the troublesome task of putting on a shirt that was too small. Apparently, they don't have XXL in Bali. Anyway, if he can find a wave that fits him, he'll have a hell of a lot better chance than he did today.

John John’s massive alley oop yielded a perfect score

Oakley Pro Bali day 1 highlights

#Tour Notes: John John’s ankle seems fine