2014 Boardshort Guide

2Q3Z7228Mick Fanning, in Rip Curl. Photo: Peter Taras

Dig our summer 2014 boardshort guide in all its comprehensive glory here.

Maybe it’s not about style (although it’s OK to want to look good). Maybe it’s not about extra stretch (although that elasticity sure is liberating). Maybe it’s about science. Because science tells us that when you hold a pen in your mouth to stimulate the smile muscles — even when you’re sad — your mood will improve. Science also tells us that if you sit upright or stand with your hands on your hips — even if you’re timid — you’ll feel more confident and powerful. So even though you don’t surf like John John, Jamie O’ or Jordy, maybe if you start wearing their boardshorts you’ll feel more confident. Because confidence breeds courage and courage breeds full-rotation aerials and stand-up tubes. Do you like airs and tubes? We thought so. Click the link above for your confidence-boost.