2014 Rip Curl Gromsearch Huntington Beach

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All Photos: Quinn Matthews

They came in hoards. 163 young surfers in total, from different countries, different counties, different clans and different camps. Every last one of them sought victory — a rush more intense than even the most reckless of sugar highs. And for the first time in Gromsearch history, the competition was held at the south side of the Huntington Beach pier. Ohh la la. In waist-to-chest high bowls, things were bound to get interesting. And they did. During the two day event, we saw many a tail throw, many more a rail turn. Frankly, we saw the future of surfing. And in that, we saw four young surfers walk away from the pier as champions.

Boys 16/Under:
1. Kanoa Igarashi ($250)
2. Tyler Gunter
3. Nolan Rapoza
4. Davis Freud

Girls 16/Under:
1. Maddie Peterson ($250)
2. Steffi Kerson
3. Meah Collins
4. Zoe McDougall

Boys 14/Under:
1. Ryland Rubens ($250)
2. John Mel
3. Eithan Osborne
4. Tyler Gunter

Boys 12/Under:
1. Elijah Hanneman ($250)
2. Griffin Foy
3. Kade Matson
4. Wyatt McHale

Mophie Maneuver of the Event:
Sean Woods ($50)

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