2015 Wipeout Of The Year Nominees Announced

Scott Dennis making a name for himself (or at least attempting) somewhere in Australia. How ’bout them kart wheels!

Jaws is getting very popular these days – and popularity is synonymous with people. The more people, the more wipeouts – It’s a simple equation really. Here, Marcio Freire wishes he was an outlier.

At no point in this wave was there anything merely resembling a positive outcome. But hey, now Billy Kemper has a wipeout of the year nominee to show for it – and that’s somewhat positive, right?

Haven’t you heard when two guys surf together enough they get on each others’ cycle? Well maybe it’s just a myth. But here are Jamie Mitchell and Chapman Murphy at Mavericks – perfectly in sync.

Usually, Nazare is a very, very big wave that momentarily crumbles on itself before fading into deeper water … usually. Here, Bejamin Sanchis falls victim of a more unforgiving side of the Portuguese beast.