5 Best Clips From Massive Indian Ocean Swell (So Far)

Over the weekend, the Indian Ocean produced some of the biggest waves to grace its surrounding coasts in over 10 years. Nooks and crannies all across Indonesia and Australia absolutely came alive as some the best surfers in the world laid claim at their respective destinations. West Aus saw waves like The Right, Cow Bombie, and North Point light up and an array of spots all over Indonesia were pegged as the best they’ve ever been. Photos and video have been floating in, aimlessly scattered across the internet like shards of media shrapnel – so we’d thought we’d do you a favor. Here, we’ve gathered together what we found were the five best clips to funnel in so far from the past few days of madness. Enjoy below…

1.) The Right in West Aust with Mark Matthews and company.

2.) Sequence of glory from Taj Burrow At North Point.

3.) Cow Bombie, featuring possibly the biggest waves ever ridden in Australia See Justin Frotha Holland at 1:57 for the bomb of all bombs that resulted in a snapped femur and a brutal hold-down.

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4.) Eli Olson at Kanduis holding on for one freight train of a backhand hell-ride.

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5.) Anthony Walsh, the king of POV, on an early-morning gem at Nias.