The Malibu Invitational was first created in 2007 with the mission of helping one of our own in need, Lyon Herron, fight his fight with a rare genetic disease called Gardner’s Syndrome. Although young Lyon continues to fight his disease, he wants to again share his good fortune with others in need, and highlight the true spirit of his contest.

This year Lyon is honored to share his contest with legendary Big Wave Surfer Sion Milosky and His Family. Sad News spread throughout the surfing community on March 16th, 2011 as we learned that Sion Milosky had drown while surfing low-tide Mavericks. The 6th Annual Malibu Invitational is to benefit his beautiful wife (Suzi) and two daughters (Awakea and Sariyah) while honoring his unmatched Aloha Spirit and Love for his family.


Results :
1. Pro Division
1. Timmy Reyes
2. Kelly Zaun
3. Mike McCabe
4. Jake Kelley

Legends Division
1. Evan Caples
2. Ted Robinson
3. Dan McClure
4. Ricky Schaffer

Masters Division
1. Craig Kozolowski
2. Scott Lewis
3. Dave White
4. Jeff Ransenberg