A Book For Every Barrel

A BOOK FOR EVERY BARRELYou scored surf from Ike; now help Texas school kids score an education

It's been nearly two weeks since Hurricane Ike crashed into the Texas coast, flooding shore towns like Galveston and Port Bolivar and crippling the Houston area. Besides rebuilding, residents must also return to normal life, like jobs and school, but many kids are in need of supplies. The following missive comes from Dayna Justiz, former Houston DJ and founder of {{{Smart}}} GirlsRock. Her Clear Lake family is, all too familiar with the situation. Read a few paragraphs, remember how good the waves were, then send a backpack, book or Ben Franklin for every barrel you scored.

"Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed and dropped by to see what they could do to help. The port-a-potty still sits happily perched in my driveway among the remains of trees and the contents of two boys’ bedrooms that needed to be cleaned out anyway. We are fine and we will re-build, re-stock the LEGOs and eventually get all the fish, shrimp and jelly fish out of the pool.

Others are not so fortunate. A student group in our school district has started Operation Crayon — Children Rallying Assistance for Youth of Need. It is amazing what these kids have been able to pull off in just a few days; providing clothing, shoes, backpacks, supplies, etc to kids who have lost everything.

School starts Monday and that’s where they can use your help. Operation Crayonis a clothing and school supply drive. So far over 500 children have received new backpacks, school supplies, clothes and some much needed hugs from the CCISD Team CRAYON. Businesses and individuals interested in participating in Operation CRAYON can help CCISD collect the following items for students in need:

New clothing
Standardized dress attire
New backpacks
School supplies
New shoes

Monetary donations are also being accepted made payable to Operation Crayon, {{{300}}} Pennsylvania Avenue, Webster TX 77598. For more information, email Elaina Polsen or call 281-284-0020.

Charlie and I have so many great friends across the country and around the world. Again, we appreciate everyone asking what they could do for us. Well, this is it. We have so many kids in this area that were displaced from their own CCISD schools and an unbelievable amount of kids coming in from Galveston and other school districts where they have lost everything.

I am off to Target to buy a cart full of tennis shoes…

For other ways to help Gulf residents from both Ike and Gustav, go to DirectRelief.org