A Feud Worth Noting

Carissa Moore
Carissa Moore, the kind-of frontrunner. Photo: Jimmicane

Women’s surfing used to be easy to ignore. It was once perfectly fine to kick back, worship the men’s tour and pay absolutely no mind to what went down on the XX side of the draw. But, with all due ignorance, that era has officially ended.

Girls now rip, and we’ve reached a pinnacle on the 2013 Women’s WCT. Five out of the seven events so far have been won by either Carissa Moore or Tyler Wright. Tyler iced the opener, while Carissa kept it cool in the semis, and the pair met in the finals for the following two events. ‘Riss bested Tyler in both finals, and it bursted into an all-out feud. Each dame has won since then, and with only one event remaining, a petty 200 points separate the two in the ratings.

On the surface, it appears as though Carissa has the lead rounding the bend into the final stretch. But, on the surface, Buffalo Bill from The Silence Of The Lambsjust seemed like an introverted neighbor with perennially moisturized mitts. There’s always more to the picture than meets the eye. The ASP counts a gal’s top seven out of eight results, so when you do the math for six out of the current seven, Tyler gets the nod — by a trivial margin, of course.

Heading into the EDP Cascais Girls Pro in Portugal, the fate of the crown is in each girl’s hands. Barring any terribly unlikely early exits, the title will go to whichever surfer does better in that final event. Will Carissa scalp it to win her second world title? Or will Tyler snuff it to win her first? Only October 3rd-7th will tell. But, for once, Portugal won’t be all about the sausages. And we should all be very thankful for that. —Brendan Buckley