Lately, we have been all about those crystal blue waters and lush greenery that contribute to the vibrant natural beauty of tropical paradise. The aesthetics of the tropics help to melt away the stress and monotony of every day life, and whisk us away to a spectrum of colors, foods, and cultures we didn't even know possible. Every once in awhile (ok, maybe not so long of a while) a getaway is crucial to rebalancing our mental and physical well being, granting us the freedom from routine. Whoever said life should be all work and no play? No one. In lieu of winter season bringing the ideal time for travel to regions running along the equator, we thought we would help add some options to your list. Let us transport you to some of our top locations for those of you who get lost in the tropics as much as we have.

The Blackwell Rum Bar. Photo:

1. For the culture seeker: The Caves, Negril Jamaica

Located on the north-western coast of Jamaica, The Caves Resort in Negril is bursting with character. The country of Jamaica, while partially underdeveloped, asserts a vibrant cultural presence filled with unique foods, language, and music. Through these distinct facets, Jamaica and it’s residents are known to provide a palpable positive energy that’s infectious to those who visit. With the culture setting the tone, the infrastructure and unique design of the cliffs make for an unforgettable trip. Stay in one of the twelve whimsical cottages hidden cliff side facing a heart dropping (yes, heart dropping) view of warm turquoise waters. Picture overlooking tiers of rock formations serving as platforms for locals and tourists to cliff jump, all while enjoying a private cave dinner experience or visiting the Blackwell Rum bar. Bonus: If the bartender isn't around, serve yourself!


2.For the adventurous traveler: The Hideout, Selat, Bali.

For the beauty of Bali! Anything and everything Bali has been spamming our feed lately, and rightfully so. The aesthetics alone brought The Hideout Bali to make an appearance on our IG page, but we wanted to give you a little background on what makes this place so rad. This eco friendly Airbnb gem was born one year ago and created in 6 months entirely out of local bamboo, one of the more sustainable materials due to it's rapid growth. Nestled in the forests of Gunung Agung in Selat, Bali, The Hideout is surrounded by a number of waterfalls, caves, temples, and not to mention about 30 minutes from the seaside. No wifi, TV, or fridge contribute to making this destination idyllic for the adventurous traveler looking for complete immersion into a different culture, loads of activity, and an escape from tourist flooded areas to a classic Balinese village.

Photo: Airbnb

3. For the traveler on a budget: Ten 103 Treehouse Bay, Ta Kiev Island, Cambodia

To the nomads who like to live simply, don't mind roughing it out, and want to detox from the modern world, we bring you to Kah Ta Kiev Island, Cambodia. Ten 103 Treehouse Bay provides a beautiful hideaway via a bamboo hut concealed in the jungle, yet exposed to the serene crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Removed from the hustle and bustle of town life, these rustic bungalows reside on an island accessible only by boat and without running water and electricity. However, don't let that deter you. You'll find this little slice of paradise equip with hammocks galore, gourmet meals, and the opportunity to slip away from the rest of the world. Fall in love with the untouched natural beauty of the Cambodian seaside, and fully feel the experiences that make time stand still. And at only $20 a night for the large beachfront jungle home, there's not much to complain about.


4. For the luxurious traveler: LUX South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Luxury, in it's definition, is referred to as something extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense. Well, at LUX South Ari Atoll Resort in Maldives, we can say that the only expense will be from your wallet, but well worth it. Elegance emanates from the private villas scattered along the water's edge adorned with infinity pools, private spas, and fine dining with locally sourced cuisine and bars made for a fine whiskey connoisseur. This place incorporates indulgences of all varieties including the option to get to know the resident whale shark natives, or relax at the beach club on site. When your morning involves a pot of island roasted coffee and walking a few paces out your doorway to dip into those warm Carribean waters, it's fair to say that LUX Resort, Maldives might be the gateway to tropical fantasy.

Photo: Charles Aydlett

5. For the Boho-Chic traveler: The Firefly, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Attention all food gurus, rustic travelers, and environmentally conscious humans: we have found the holy grail of a hip, boho-chic getaway in the tropics. The Firefly in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, is added to the bucket list for it's attention to all the little things. Upon arrival, be ready to be welcomed with a complimentary cocktail and take a peak at their menu. Travelers far and wide have described the food at the Firefly to be unforgettable, and for good reason. Their waterfront restaurant, boasting the perfect combination of a tropical yet subtle “desert chic” atmosphere, is paired with beautifully plated, delicious, and colorful foods reflective of the current season. Relax in the hammocks, rinse off in the outdoor shower, or take a morning yoga class. For those who surf, OR want to learn, the months of November- April are known to be peak season for impeccable surf with waves for people of all skill sets. Plane ticket… booked.