About to Blow Up

If you ask a filmmaker about his new project a couple weeks before its premiere, he’ll say…probably nothing, actually. He’ll be so deep in Final Cut trying to make deadline that your question won’t even register, it’ll just bounce off the fat headphones he’s using to tune out Earth. So we were glad to catch Victor Pakpour, the 19-year-old behind Billabong’s upcoming release Blow Up, on a day he’d taken off from the editing process. We asked about the film. He said it’d be good.

Victor Pakpour: If you don’t watch Blow Up, he’ll do it. Don’t think he won’t. He’s one crazy mother. Photo: Taras

SURFING: Who has best part in Blow Up so far, in your opinion?

Victor Pakpour: You know what, I think this is a really big break for Ryan [Callinan]. Have you seen him surf much? He's super well rounded and a progressive freak, like super gnarly. We did that Indo boat trip with Yadin, Craig, Ryan, Granger, Dillon Perillo, Eric Geiselman and Matt Meola…and Ryan, he was definitely keeping up with the big boys. He got flip of the trip, for sure. He did this one backside air that was so tweaked out, it was almost this forward front flip, and he didn't grab it. Yadin was like, "Oh my gosh, who is this kid?" Everyone was going crazy.

Is all that footage in Blow Up?

Yeah. Originally Kai [Neville] wanted it for Lost Atlas, even though Ryan's not supposed to be in that movie. That's how gnarly that flip was.

Ryan Callinan, Blow Up‘s sleeper star. Photo: Jimmicane

What are some of the other highlights in the film?

Creed McTaggart's gonna blow some heads, Laurie Towner's got some crazy ones, Jack [Freestone] has some good clips. It's all unseen footage.

Was anyone saving clips for personal projects, or did you get everything?

Ryan was gonna do Innersection, and I had to talk him out of it to do this project. Then Laurie Towner had a bunch of crazy Tahiti clips and all this stuff saved up, and he was gonna use all his A clips for Innersection and give me all the B and C stuff for the movie, but I got him to just give me everything for Blow Up.

How's the film being released?

It's going to release on Vimeo so it can be embedded on every surf site — SURFING mag, Stab, Transworld Surf — and then we'll make available Quicktime files you can download on billabong.com/blowup for free.

Is it on DVD too?

Just on Internet. Music licensing is a whole other realm to get it on DVD, like double the cost.

Granger Larsen, hiding. Photo: Tom Carey

Who filmed those girls on bicycles in the trailer?

That was me. It was actually a little intro shoot for the movie I did, kind of a music video for the movie. So those were just a couple shots I put in the trailer to tease it.

Who were they?

Just these girls from San Clemente I know. I don't think they really know the size of the movie…you know what I mean? I think the trailer's already had like 13,000 views [the number has since risen above 20k] and it's only been up a couple days. I think they're gonna be pretty baffled, but I'm stoked they wanted to do it.

Blow Up

Billabong’s Blow Up will be available for download at the end of the month. Victor says another trailer is on the way. In the meantime, he’ll be at the computer, headphones on. Don’t try calling.