Adriano De Souza Wins 2015 World Title


Adriano De Souza is your 2015 World Surf League Champion.

And for good reason…

This year has been a wild one. It was a year filled with ups, downs, unexpected turns and, at some points, chilling adversity. But ADS isn’t used to cake walks. He’s devoted his entire life to getting where he is now, and his head-down-and-handle attitude leading up to Pipeline was nothing less than respectable. Adriano recently said in a sit down with the WSL,

“I’m a worker; I’m not a famous surfer. I know how to win heats and I know I have the skill.”

Words like these reinstate the fact that De Souza is a grinder. He knows that the coattails of innate talent weren’t his ride to the Title that he’s been chasing for ten years now – but that chase has finally come to an end.

And as Adriano stands atop the podium at Pipeline, in front of a crowd full of friends, fans, and peers, he can hoist that cup high above his head with the satisfaction of knowing that he’s earned every bit of its glory. Day after day. Heat after heat. Nobody has ever worked harder.

The efforts throughout the year of fellow contenders Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, Filipe Toledo, Julian Wilson and Owen Wright are all noteworthy catalysts of the back and forth battle that led to De Souza’s win, and the 2015 WSL season will be remembered as one of the most entertaining yet.

Congratulations, ADS. There’s never been a more deserving champion.