African Strike Mission: Final Update

Johnny Craft

So we came to a consensus. One more day of surf gluttony and we were out of there. Just like that. Order up the drinks, boys -- strike mission accomplished.

Like I said in the last update, to surf every little nook on this Northwest African coastline would mean a trip of probably a month. And a month, we don’t have. But, then again, we don’t need it because none of those nooks are going to be any better than what we just got. We scored, as far as weird, hit-or-miss surf destinations like this one are concerned.

Another round?

After a last minute run to the markets downtown, where in the rental, I had to part seas of humanity overflowing into the streets and Nate had to fight a dude from ripping his camera out of his hands, we all took a collective deep breath and hit the airport -- our last and most difficult obstacle.

One last beer.

Board fees (not surprising), ripped open bags (again, again and then again one more time), and Nate Tyler getting pulled out of Customs -- which was near the end of the course -- and sent back to start for a credit card debacle (panic) is just a taste of our three-hour check-in. “Worst than getting out of Israel,” Nate Lawrence said, once we were safely on the plane.

Stewardess, cocktail please.

Now here we are, sitting in the Atlanta airport working our way home, shaking off a bit of jetlag with (why not?) a couple of drinks and relishing in our good fortune. And soon, it’s off to our respective gates and then home. Just like that. Strike mission accomplished.


Stay-tuned for the full mission to Northwest Africa in the June issue of SURFING.