Albee Layer Just Won Straight Airs

Albee Layer

See those clouds rolling in? The 2014 Hurley Pro video trials are officially upon us, which means that social media is about to turn into a wicked storm of Vote For Me! posts. We’re not complaining though. We love a good storm and have you seen this year’s bracket? It features Dusty Payne, Yago Dora, Matt Banting and everyone in between. Sixteen surfers are placed into head-to-head battles, voting lasts 24 hours and winners live to fight another day. The first round of clips just went live and we’ll have our winner by Friday. In our opinion, Albee Layer’s clip is head and shoulders above the rest in Round 1. Literally head and shoulders — he hucks a straight air so high that his head gets cut out of the frame, then stomps with ease. Bravo, Mr. Layer. Bravo to Hurley and bravo to everyone! It’s a damn fine collection of high performance surfing. Now click here to watch and vote.