Alpinestars takes care of its friends, so when they found a heap of shiny new gear lying around, their first thought was: Let’s stoke out some pals. But this is the internet — how to tell who’s a true friend and who’s a spam robot, or a predator, or China? Alpinestars came to SURFING with this list of trivia questions to help suss out true Alpinestars loyalists. If you can answer all five of these questions correctly, you’ll pass the test and the mailman will deliver an Alpinestars treasure trove straight to your door. Think of it as a secret handshake.


  1. What year was Alpinestars established?
  2. Where is the Alpinestars US headquarters located?
  3. What Alpinestars team rider won the US Open in July 2008?
  4. What Alpinestars pro surfer recently learned how to ride motocross?
  5. What Alpinestars boardshorts are featured in SURFING Magazine's June issue?

Hint: Information at might aid your quest. Browse wisely.

Email your answers to, and watch the Alpinestars pro team get its fins wet this week at the Nike 6.0 Pro at Lower Trestles.