Amazing: Volcom’s TCT Global Champions

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"It's just an awesome way to keep tabs on all the upcoming kids, you know?" I did know, and the man I knew it to was Richard Woolcott. Wooly founded Volcom and subsequently, this. This was Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour Global Championships. This was a city of scaffolding on the beach at Lowers. This was hundreds of kids from faraway places like France, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Portugal and even Irvine competing for money in conditions that were more fun than a bottle of dry pink wine on a Sunday in September. This was amazing, until it was over.

It was over a few hours ago. Gone, like the morning marine layer when faced with they ultraviolet reality of that hey, you know it’s summer right? sun. But certainly not forgotten. Because you don’t stop thinking about world-class surfing being conducted by 50-pounds of human flesh. You can’t easily shake the visions of kids from Japan surfing against foreigners from Irvine at one of the world’s most high-performance waves. You can’t just glide back into reality after watching Yago Dora and Miguel Tudela go toe-to-toe-to-tail-throw in a 30-minute heat. It was a free contest that brought an international pool of talent to a great wave and created more smiles than you could shake a forest at. It was too fun to ever forget.

And, after all, it was a great way to keep tabs on all the kids. --Brendan Buckley


Miguel Tudela
Yago Dora
Noah Schweizer
Griffin Colapinto

Nola Rapoza
Harley Ross Webster
Jake Marshall
Will Reid

Mateus Herdy
Nick Marshall
Robert Grillho III
Kade Matson

Jackson Bunch
Brayden Burch
Dane Matson
Afonso Antunes

Caroline Marks
Alyssa Spencer
Kahanu Delovio
Camilla Kemp