Analog: Pick Your Poison

Analog’s NOW //
Online film premiere //
Wednesday, Dec.15 //

This Wednesday, Dec. 15, will completely transform into a bauhaus indie surf theater that only shows one film: Analog’s NOW, the new Chippa Wilson profile flick from filmmaker Riley Blakeway. All day, from wherever in the world your machine sucks broadband, you can watch Chippa punt rip shred tear fantastic for free. And it gets better.

Link this post in your Facebook status update and tag SURFING Magazine (@surfingmagazine) any time between now and Wednesday. Analog will give 10 of you lucky linkers free reign over their Fall Collection to pick a product of your choice. (Snow outerwear excluded — this is a surf thing, bruvva.)

It’s like you get an Analog factory walk-through just for blowing up Chippa’s project, which we guarantee will blow itself up once the world starts hitting Play on Wednesday morning. Go ahead — peruse the fine threads on offer and try to decide what you’ll take if chosen.

Mmm, sweet cotton coercion. And because Chippa’s just that good, check the trailer again here:

Now, An Analog Moving Picture Project from Analog Clothing