Announcing The Winners Of Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch Experience

Kelly Surfs Wave Pool

Is it you!? No!? Yes??? Well, unless you are (or are a dear friend of) Rob W. from Encinitas, CA or Palmer G. from Queensland, AUS then you’re not likely to be granted access through the gates of Kelly Slater’s wonderland in the near future.

It has yet to be announced exactly how much money this campaign by Omaze has brought in, but we’re sure it’s enough to get the ball rolling for WSL Pure - the WSL’s newly formed charitable organization backing “ocean health” that the donations will be benefiting.

Here are the two lucky fellows and their genuine reactions to finding out they’ve won the once in a lifetime experience via video chat. Does anyone know one of these two? Will one of them start a sub-campaign for who they’ll take with them or is that frowned upon in the fine print? Can I come?