Apocalypse Dudes

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From the Editor is your passenger seat for a ride at the world's greatest job, with SURFING Magazine's Editor in Chief, Travis Ferré

From the Editor, Travis FerreThe run of show on the Gold Coast for the first ASP World Tour contest of the year hasn't exactly gone to plan. Going into our fifth day of staring at dead flat Snapper and dismal offerings around the coast, it's been one sweaty party after another. Kerr's movie. Dion's movie. $100k was given away to Matt Meola last night for his winning Innersection part. At the SURFING house we've resorted to blasting Turbonegro instead of getting sad or tired. We've still managed to get all sunburned and we're covered in blue bottle welts. We had a rock and roll surf trip up the coast with Dillon Perillo, Michael Dunphy and Mitch Crews. And who are we to be bummed? We're surfers, we know the ocean doesn't play by rules, and neither do we. So instead of going into a grumbling rant of sadness and gloom about how depressed we are about it being flat, I'm going to show you quite the opposite. And the really good news is that the waves on the horizon could make this an epic kickoff to the new season. —Travis Ferré