Arcade Belt Co. Welcomes Smith Bros, Zaun, Goodale, and Dunphy

Dylan Goodale. Photo: James HennesseyArcade Belt Co. welcomes Koa Smith, Dylan Goodale, Dane Zaun, Michael Dunphy, and Alex Smith to the family.

Olympic Valley, California - March 9th 2015 - Arcade Belt Co. is proud to welcome a group of wildly talented, innovative and free thinking individuals that represent the future of surfing and the future of Arcade.

Joining forces with Arcade is Koa Smith, Dylan Goodale, Dane Zaun, Michael Dunphy and Alex Smith. This group of individuals is leading the charge for the next generation of surfing. From the Smith brother's self-produced and globally influential LastNameFirst.TV to Dunphy's arrival as the east coast's next great hope, the Arcade Belt Co. team represents not just a sponsorship, but a collaboration between a young and innovative company alongside a group of young and innovative surfers.
These partnerships are integral for Arcade to continue to design and create belts that express individuality while providing more function and comfort.
In 2010, Arcade reinvented the most overlooked of accessories with a few sewing machines and simple ingenuity. Built with comfortable stretch materials and simple yet durable buckles, these belts are designed for those who follow storms, chase waves and are on a constant quest for adventure. Arcade belts stand alone from rigid leather, bland webbing and cheap logo-stamped crap. The new standard in belts has arrived.

Koa Smith, 20 years old from Kauai, Hawaii. An NSSA Champion and winner of the GoPro of the World for one of the longest barrels in surfing history. From power surfing in consequential surf to an all out aerial attack, Smith is as all-around of a surfer as it comes. Often compared to one-half of another set of brothers from Kauai.

Dylan Goodale, 22 years old from Kauai, Hawaii. While most of his Hawaiian counterparts look to tuck under the lip, Goodale often looks to get above it. A 4-Star QS winner and oft published surfer, Goodale's laid back persona embodies the Hawaiian lifestyle and a drive to standout from the flock.

Dane Zaun, 23 years old, Hermosa Beach, California. Despite years of sustained success in competition, Zaun has foregone the competition circuit to focus on the creativity, culture and expression of surfing through self-produced video parts. Zaun's blend of effortless flow, above the lip punts and power hacks show his versatility and represent the modern age of multi-dimensional surfing.

Michael Dunphy, 24 years old, Virginia Beach, Virginia. The east coast's great new hope, Dunphy has sky rocketed through the arduous QS ranks with round of 16 appearance at the US Open, multiple 4-star wins and the first win in 33 years by a Virginia Beach native at the prestigious East Coast Surfing Championship. Dunphy's contest repertoire is met with speed, quickness and a flow that can go toe to toe with the best on the planet

Alex Smith, 25 years old from Kauai, Hawaii. Half visionary behind the lens, half artist in front of the lens. Leading the charge for a generation of do-it-yourself surfers, Alex is the electricity behind LastNameFirst.TV while also charging in the heavy waves Hawaii is known for.
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