ASR 2007: Meetings. Fashion shows, Bro-shakes and Free Beer

Meetings. Fashion shows. Business dinners that turn into massive piss-ups. Bosses doing the worm. Free Beer. Bro-shakes. Bros in scarves. Scantily clad women…everywhere. Live shaping demos. Skate parks in the convention center. And some degree of commerce allegedly taking place; the ASR tradeshow rolled into downtown San Diego this past weekend and brought with it a festival-like atmosphere and enough free loot to start your own surf shop.

While some work does go down at the show, come 4:00p.m. when the kegs roll in and the beer lubricates show goers – the real party starts. The festivities roll into the streets, where your favorite pros, industry heavies, and tons of hot chicks tear up the after parties that featured acts like GZA from the Wu Tang Clan, Valient Thor, DJ Muggs, The Draft, and Cash'd Out, an incredible Johnny Cash cover band.

SURFING Magazine threw our own posh little party at Altitude, a sky bar atop the 22nd floor of the Marriot. All in attendance sipped on free Peroni beer and enjoyed the view of the entire San Diego bay and the Peroni girls.

One major highlight of the show was the Reef Board Build-off: a silent auction off of several of the world's best shapers in the San Diego area's boards. The shapers were given the opportunity to shape their dream board, and then put it up for silent auction. Xanadu, Rusty Preisendorfer, Rob Machado, and many more displayed boards varying from guitar-wood showpieces, to Xanadu's crazy, winged and glossy gun. All the money earned is donated to the charity of the shapers choice.